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August 10, 2020

Laboratory Techniques

Clinical Cytogenetics – Pt.2: A Study of Chromosomal Aberrations

Introduction Since the discovery of chromosomes, the cytogenetic field has evolved rapidly. The techniques have unfolded several hidden mysteries of chromosomes. And later, it gave rise to two branches: molecular and clinical cytogenetics. The studies in clinical cytogenetics suggested that the structural and numerical aberrations of chromosomes (autosomal and sex) are the cause of several abnormalities in human beings. For
Laboratory Techniques

Clinical Cytogenetics – Pt.1: A study of chromosomal aberrations

Introduction As we know, cytogenetics is the study of chromosomal structure and behavior by using different staining techniques. In the year 1962, Lejeune proved Waardenburg’s hypothesis (the cause of Down syndrome could be a chromosomal aberration) by reporting the first case of syndrome due to chromosomal aberrations. It was a major breakthrough in cytogenetics research.[2] With the discovery of the
academic career

5 Potential Benefits of Pursuing a Graduate Degree

Undergraduate education is much more common than it used to be, which has made the job market flushed with increased positions that require more than simply a bachelor’s degree. For some, getting a graduate degree is just the next step in their educational career. For others, the investment is not always worth it or might not seem necessary for their
Common Errors in Background & Significance Section of a Grant Application & How to Correct Them

Object-Oriented Programming with C#

Around 20 years ago, C# was designed and developed by Microsoft as a language to be used on its platform. It is a multi-paradigm high-level language that is primarily used for web application development. C# covers a wide variety of features that make it advanced yet remarkably simple to use. C# was developed by Anders Hejlsberg, as a part of