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September 20, 2020


Pre-market Approval for Medical Devices

Pre-market Approval for Medical Devices: Introduction US is the largest market for medical devices, worth approximately $156 billion (as of 2017), and is expected to reach $208 billion by 2023. Given these numbers, it’s no surprise that high-risk medical devices must undergo strict regulatory and approval processes. One of them is the pre-market approval (PMA) for medical devices. The pre-market

Science and Foreign Affairs: A Global Consolidation for a Better World

Science and Foreign Affairs: Introduction From climate change policies to pandemic preparedness plans, foreign relations impact people on an individual, national, and global levels. The world of international affairs is, in fact, a mixture of politics, culture, economics, and innovations, with science and technology being two of the main factors in improving multinational relations.  Whether utilized to improve healthcare services
Homemade Masks

Homemade Masks Are Very Effective in Preventing Virus Spread

About the Research Researcher Taher Saif leads a study to determine how effective homemade masks are in preventing virus spread. Saif is a mechanical science and engineering professor at the University of Illinois. For this experiment, the researcher examined 11 common household fabrics. Furthermore, these fabrics were set against the medical mask that is widely used as a preventive measure