Our Values

We provide the technology. You do the Science

Simian labs is dedicated to providing high quality virtual reality tools for scientific experiments

Our Company Values

It's the data

Simian Labs is dedicated to giving high quality virtual reality so that you can focus on quality science, data collection, and truth finding. We work to customize your experiments to exactly what you need. The virtual reality is a key part of this process, but the scientific outcomes are our shared goal. We want you to publish and bring new truths to the world.

Complexity made easy

Science is hard enough. IRB's, grants, manuscripts, submissions, revisions, take years. We want to take the headache out of the process for you. We'll take care of the technical aspects of VR, and give you the data you need. We'll maintain the servers. We'll update when a new version comes out. You focus on the science. We'll focus on the technical aspects.

Best in class technology

Virtual reality is a fast-moving field. Simian labs seeks to offer a combination of the best technology for your scientific experiments with the modular flexibilty to ensure you get the most of your grant dollars. Our who/what/when/where/why modular configuration ensures you can isolate the key neurological variables you need while limiting the costs for you. Grants are tight. Make your dollars stretch further.

Tech Transfer standardization

If you create unique IP on our platform, we will always help you keep it as yours. You monetize it, partner with us, and bring your invention to the world. We're your partner from initial idea all the way to market and beyond.

Let's work together!

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