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Our team at Conduct Science strives to do just that: Help people Conduct Science. 

This page describes how we work, how we conduct ourselves, and how we seek to make an impact in the world. We’re a digital and distributed company, which means we work in slightly different ways. That’s ok, it means its innovative, but we want to take some time to explain what that means for you and for us.

Our Culture

Learn about how digital & distributed teams function, what we look for in our professionals, and how we believe life and work are intertwined.

Best Practices

Tips for working effectively within Conduct Science

Our mission & products

Learn about all the things we do at Conduct Science to help Science and Medicine move forward.

What are the benefits of Digital & Distributed?


Talent from all over the world

We believe that the most talented people are not limited to geographical location, ethnicity, gender, or age. If you’re talented, we want you to work for us, and we won’t force you to move to work for us. We want to find superstars from around the world to work for Conduct Science

Efficient Work

One of the benefits of digital & distributed work is that the work itself is the yardstick to judge performance. When you can’t see someone all day long, the only thing we have to evaluate is your output. Petty measures are impossible to measure. Was a worker here at 9am? Did Sally take too many breaks today? Why is John always on Facebook? These things are impossible for us to know, and frankly, we don’t care. We just care that you get work done. It is very obvious who is pulling their weight and who isn’t. That is a blessing.


At Conduct Science, we have flexible hours. You work when you want to. That means we have transitioned from synchronous to asynchronous collaboration. It accommodates everyone, from early birds to night owls to families with kids who need to be picked up during the day. As long as work gets done over the span of a week, that’s fine to us.
To be clear, some people have set hours–customer service roles, for example. For another, we try to have teams overlaps so that development and QA can talk to each other. There are time differences from workers across the world. There is no easy way around it; we just compromise. It’s not ideal that we don’t have real-time collaboration, but we think its worth the headaches, especially when we can find superstars from around the world.
Asynchronous collaboration means more productive work. When everyone is in an office, its easy to fall into the habit of bothering people with no regard for productivity. Its why its so hard to get things done at the office–too many interruptions. How often do you need answers IMMEDIATELY? Usually, this means we get to minimize distractions and allow communication at your own time, maximizing the flow and feeling of accomplishment of actually getting work done.


Digital distributed work sometimes means working from home. For others, its working from a library. or a co working space. Or a library. Or a coffee shop.
Stop commuting your life away. Let’s do the math. If you spend 45 minutes per day commuting to work door to door, that comes out to an hour and a half a day, or 7.5 hours per week or 300-400 hours per year. That time is returned to you in digital and distributed teams, and that means you can be both incredibly productive and have more personal time with friends and family. Commuting is bad for the company, our employees, and for business. So we got rid of the commute.

Meaningful work

One of the promises of traditional companies is that employees will work in less ideal conditions until retirement, with the enticement that they can enjoy retirement doing the things they love to do. We believe that if you love skiing and want to live in Colorado, you can ski while your hips won’t break. If you want to surf and scuba dive in Honduras while working, you can.
We believe that you should be allowed to pursue your passions while you’re still actively in the workforce. Life should not be divided into arbitrary phases of work and retirement. We want you to design a better lifestyle–we believe that means you can work more productively, with more purpose, and create better work if you do so.

We look for Professionals

Our Company Values

Meaningful Work

At ConductScience, we do all work in a digitally distributed way. It means we hire staff that are responsible, dedicated, and independent. We don’t force you to keep strict office hours. You are measured by what you deliver.
We expect professionals who can keep themselves engaged, know when they need more or less work, and deliver when asked. You can do this however or wherever you want, but we do ask for professionals who can deliver.


Is your Skillset right, and are you working to improve?


Are you fit (emotionally and physically) for the job?


Are you passionate, dedicated, and find the work fulfilling?


Are you kind and honest with your coworkers?


Your Skill Set

You have a skill set and you should take pride in it. You will be asked to apply your skills to our company, teach others, and always attempt to become better at your skill set. We assume you will always strive to become better at your skill, learning asynchronously, whether that is through online courses, podcasts, books, audiobooks, or other methods. Continue to work on your craft. It provides meaning in your work.
We believe that you should be allowed to pursue your passions while you’re still actively in the workforce. Life should not be divided into arbitrary phases of work and retirement. We want you to design a better lifestyle–we believe that means you can work more productively, with more purpose, and create better work if you do so.

Your emotional, mental, and physical health

Working remotely means often isolating conditions. Do you socialize in a way that is meaningful that keeps you energized? Do you find meaning in work to keep yourself motivated? Be sure to take care of yourself, so that you can show up and ready to deliver meaningful work? We expect remote digital workers to find places where they can work. If you like being surrounded by people, go to coffee shops, or find a coworking space. If you work better in peace, find a quiet room, or a library and get work done.

Your determination and fulfillment

We look for dedicated and passionate individuals who can commit to meaningful work. Do you have meaningful relationships in your life that help you recharge, make you happy, and allow you to come to work ready to go? Is work helping you fulfill an important identity in your life? ConductScience is also a place where we want people to be proud to work for. We want to help you support your family, live your life that you imagine, and provide you a career where you can look back on and say it was meaningful.

Kindness and Honesty

No one likes working with Jackasses. We’re all trying to do meaningful work and grow a company with coworkers we like spending time with.
This is especially important for digital and distributed companies. When you primarily communicate asynchronously, its easy for small misunderstandings to spiral out of control. If we hire only kind people, then we create a culture where we understand that people mean well. That is incredibly important to us.
Thus, we have a very clear paradigm: No Assholes Allowed. People don’t quit jobs–they quit bad bosses and jackass coworkers. This doesn’t mean you need to be overly friendly, or passive aggressive. It means you can still be honest with each other, communicate clearly, and be direct, but also try to make each other better, and do it nicely. We’re all human beings who just want to be treated well.

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