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Needle holders are specialized hemostat tools used to hold the needles during surgical operations. These needle holders help in suturing by clamping the needle firmly. Needle holders work on the mechanism of integrated clamps which lock the needle in place as long as required. There are two main types of needle holders: the Mayo-Hegar and the Mathieu variant. Bow’s lateral pressure releases the clamp mechanism in the Mayo-Hegar needle driver. The handles are squeezed beyond the arrestment point to open the Mathieu-type needle holder.

Types of Needle Holders

Instrument name: Halsey Needle Holder

Category: Suturing and clamping

Description: Small serrated needle holder with carbide cross-hatch patterns on the inner jaws.

Uses: Halsey needle holders are used to hold small suture needles during delicate surgical procedures.

Instrument name: Castroviejo Needle Holder

Other names: Castro needle holder

Category: Suturing, stapling, and holding

Description: This needle holder has a flat catch-spring handle. And, it comes in a variety of lengths.

Uses: Castroviejo needle holder is used for anastomosis suturing in microsurgery.

Instrument name: Mathieu Needle Holder

Other names: Mathieu holder

Category: Holding and suturing

Description: Needle holder having palm-held handles with a tungsten carbide insert.

Uses: Mathieu needle holders are used to hold needles for stitching during surgical procedures.

Instrument name: Hegar Needle Holder

Other names: Hegar needle driver

Category: Suturing and stapling

Description: Needle holder with a serrated broader jaw.

Uses: This type of needle holder is used for tissue repair. 

Instrument name: Adson Needle Holder

Category: Holding and clamping

Description: Fine and straight needle holder with ring handles and fenestrated jaws.

Uses: These types of needle holders are used in suturing for surgical procedures.

Instrument name: Crile-Wood Needle Holder

Other names: Fine needle holder

Category: Suturing and stapling

Description: Crile-wood needle holder has a narrow rounded tip with a crisscross pattern on the inner jaws.

Uses: Fine needle drivers are used to holding delicate needles.

Instrument name: Baumgartner Needle Holder

Category: Suturing and stapling

Description: Straight ratcheted needle driver with heavy serrations.

Uses: This type of needle driver is used to hold large needles and dense suture material.

Instrument name: Webster Needle Holder

Category: Suturing and stapling

Description: It is a small, fine needle holder with tungsten carbide cross-hatch serrations on the inner jaws.

Uses: It is used to hold delicate needles during sensitive surgical procedures.

Instrument name: Rohrschneider Needle Holder

Category: Suturing and stapling

Description: Rohrschneider needle holders have fine, micro-clamps with serrations at the jaws.

Uses: These types of needle holders are used in microsurgical procedures.

Instrument name: Brown Needle Holder

Category: Suturing and stapling

Description: It is a ratcheted, finger-ring needle driver with serrated blades.

Uses: Brown needle holders are used to holding fine needles in microsurgical procedures.

Instrument name: Derf Needle Holder

Category: Suturing and stapling

Description: Fine needle holder with short and serrated jaws.

Uses: Derf needle holders are used to grasp and hold small needles during suturing.

Instrument name: Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder

Category: Suturing and stapling

Description: Olsen-Hegar needle drives are ratcheted-finger needle holders with built-in scissors.

Uses: This type of holders are used for intermediated-weight sutures.

Instrument name: Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

Other names: Heavy needle drivers

Category: Suturing and stapling

Description: The mayo-hegar needle driver has a broader jaw with a rounded tip and a crisscross pattern.

Uses: These types of sutures are used to hold heavy needles during surgical procedures.

Instrument name: Crile-Murray Needle Holder

Category: Suturing and holding

Description: Needle holder with straight, cross-serrated jaws.

Uses: These types of needle drivers are used to hold and guide medium-sized needles during suturing.

Instrument name: Converse Needle Holder

Category: Suturing and stapling

Description: Light, serrated needle driver with short shanks.

Uses: Converse needle holders are used for suturing and clasping during the surgical procedures.

Care and Handling of Needle Holders

The needle holders are used to guide surgical needles during rodent surgery. These delicate instruments require proper care and handling. A firm grip has to be maintained on the needle. And, the mechanical deformation of the needle has to be strictly avoided. If needle holders become blunt, they need to be changed then. They should not be used for other purposes except needle holding and stapling. These instruments should be properly sterilized and cleaned before every surgical procedure.

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