Our Syringe Pumps

Classic Syringe Pump

The device works on a discontinuous principle to deliver small accurate doses of fluids and an “insulated dosing principle” to provide low fluid volumes.

ConductScience Syringe Pump

Used for continuous intravenous infusion and to accurately administer various drug doses for experiments in chemical and biomedical research.

Accuracy and Precision

Our Syringe Pump contributes to the accuracy of the experimental results by minimizing operator interference. The syringe pumps are robust, easy to use, and possess minimized pulsation feature. The pressure controlling ability of the device enables the experimenter to handle highly viscous fluids. Modern syringe pumps are programmable with higher accuracy, improved control, and automated fluid delivery. They can be connected to the computers to record the infusion or withdrawal history.

Deliver precise amounts of fluids steadily

Quick setup for fluidic experiments

New pulseless syringe pumps may provide flow stability under 1%. It is also possible to know the quantity of dispensed liquid for long-term testing. The high-pressure syringe pumps can produce a maximum pressure of more than a few hundred bars and can be used in nano-fluidics even though they are not pulseless. Even if the syringe pump slows down because of high pressure, the mean flow rate of the instrument does not change with the inevitable variations in the fluidic resistance.

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