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Virtual Reality Science
August 5, 2019

Virtual Reality: Self-Awareness

Consciousness by most of the scientific community is recognized as an outward awareness of one’s environment and body, while self-awareness is the recognition of this consciousness. Self-awareness is the ability to recognize oneself as an individual distinct from the environment and others; further, it concerns itself with introspection and conscious…
August 2, 2019

PanOptic Ophthalmoscope

Fundoscopy, an inspection of the structures at the back of the patient's eye for medical diagnoses, is a standard procedure in every doctor’s routine physical assessment. Standard direct ophthalmoscopes have been reliable and efficient tools for the job, but often it is a challenge to look into an undilated or…
ConductGrants and Funding
July 31, 2019

All about NIH T & F Grants

It is important for potential grantees to learn about the National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant funding programs. Every year, the NIH, through its 27 different institutes and centers (ICs), invests $31 billion in research and development (R&D) by awarding a range of grants to more than 300,000 scientists and researchers.…
ConductGrants and Funding
July 31, 2019

All about R03 Grant

R03 Grant is a ‘small’ funding program provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It supports shorter duration research projects, i.e., up to 2 years, within a limited budget, i.e., $50,000/year. Small grants support studies/projects that are usually exploratory but limiting in nature, such as a pilot study or…
ConductGrants and Funding
July 30, 2019

NIH Grant Policies

In this article, you will learn about NIH grant policies in a way that makes the process of administration of federal funds easy to understand. This piece of writing will discuss policy implementation and oversight in the area of applied science. As is evident in the global scientific corridors, the…
ConductGrants and Funding
July 30, 2019

The Ethics of Grant Writing

Science is a ladder that leads to success. It is a firm, solid support system – like a ladder – that opens realms of medical possibilities and discoveries.  Each rung of the ladder adds strength, value, and support to the journey. The ladder of science, its rung, rails, locks, and…