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Dejan Matlak

Opioid Addiction
October 28, 2019

New Research Finds Key Mechanism in Opioid Addiction

Scientists identify molecular processes that may play a role in the development of addiction to opioid substances. For this study researchers use a new imaging procedure that helps monitor the brain during exposure to opioids. With insight from this study, we may have a better chance of understanding and treating…
Resistance to Antibiotics
October 25, 2019

Resistance to Antibiotics Doubles in Twenty Years

Results from a new study purpose that the bacterial resistance to antibiotics is increasing. The extent of resistance differs from country to country. This is made obvious through the analysis of 1,232 patients from 18 European countries. If the increase in antibiotics resistance continues the side effects can be potentially…
Chronic rhinosinusitis
October 20, 2019

Chronic Rhinosinusitis May Soon be Treatable with Medication

Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is a condition treatable only with the aid of surgery. However, new medical research explores treatment through the use of medication. This condition is also known as the “asthma of the sinuses”. CRS is an inflammatory process that affects the nasal and sinus mucous membrane. Furthermore, it…
Computer Kidney
October 9, 2019

Computer Kidney Sheds New Light on Appropriate Hydration

New research combines programing and mathematics to understand the functioning of mammal kidneys. The researchers working on this task want to determine how water intake influence’s health of kidneys. More precisely, their research interest is in how specific medication intake and insufficient water consumption influence their functioning. The results of…
October 7, 2019

Light May Play a Key Role in Regenerative Medicine

New research on the regenerative capabilities of light may change our approach to tissue regeneration. Researchers are calling this new technique for regenerative medicine optoceutics. Optoceutics is a technique that uses a light beam to stimulate tissue regeneration. Furthermore, scientists believe that such a stimulus is better than the previous…