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BehaviorCloud allows researchers and their teams to take advantage of a unified cloud system for their research needs.

Laboratory Notebook

The Lab notebook stores all your data in one place, from raw to completed data sets. Every version of each dataset is saved and tagged. Each experimental process is tracked, accountable, and repeatable. Good laboratory practices are easier than ever with BehaviorCloud.

Connect Instruments

Bridge technology connects your existing lab equipment to the cloud to enable remote control of experiments and real-time data streaming directly into your account. This makes the process of collecting and analyzing multidimensional data for high-throughput studies easier.

Built-in Analysis Suite

Built-in analysis and visualization tools are provided for all compatible data collection sources, including photobeam activity systems, video-based activity/ behavior tracking, and manual behavioral coding.

Collaboration and Sharing

You are in control of your own data with permissions management which provides the option to invite collaborators to view, comment, and contribute to an experiment. Management of your project is even easier with the ability to oversee progress, assign responsibilities, and transfer projects from one team member to another.

Secure Data Storage

With all your data and progress backed-up on the cloud, worries of losing you data are forgotten. We adhere to the strictest industry security standards to protect your data. Information security studies (should we cite this?) show data is safer on the cloud than stored locally.

BehaviorCloud Suscriptions

1-year Basic Subscription

  • 1 Year of Behavior Cloud features
  • Fully automated video tracking
  • Manual scoring tools
  • Collaboration and data sharing
  • Private, secure cloud-based data storage
  • Unlimited analysis and reanalysis

Commercial/Custom Lab Pricing

Ask for a quote
  • All BehaviorCloud Features
  • Customized BehaviorCloud features
  • Ideal for Large labs or needs
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Pharma or biotech labs
  • High-throughput testing
  • Bulk pricing
  • Custom assays

BehaviorCloud allows for remote access to your experiments and your data, increasing research productivity and efficiency

Live Recording Using BehaviorCloud

Uploading Video Files for Video Tracking

Raw Output Variables & Zone Output Variables

Manual Scoring on Live Videos & Uploaded Videos

Behavior Cloud Video Bundle

1-year Subscription

  • Price per year
  • Includes BehaviorCloud Camera device
  • One-year Basic Subscription
  • Ceiling / Floor mount
  • ***There will be additional shipping charges outside of the domestic US.

3+ years Subscription

  • Price per year
  • $990 per year (3+ years) + $551 hardware
  • Includes BehaviorCloud Camera device
  • Ceiling / Floor mount
  • ***There will be additional shipping charges outside of the domestic US.

Introducing the BehaviorCloud Camera

Power: 5V 1.0 a via USB-C (included)

IR Compatible: Capable with illuminator (not included)

On-board storage: 8GB+

Connectivity: Ethernet + Wifi

No Upload Necessary

The BehaviorCloud Camera automatically streams video on-demand directly to your BehaviorCloud account.

Zero Maintenance

Set it and forget it. Once configured, the Camera is designed for long-term use without intervention.

Night Vision Capable

Compatible with all standard IR illuminators and ready for experiments in low/no-light conditions.

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