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CSP: Chemistry

The Conduct Science Podcast: Chemistry 00:00 – Intro 03:00 – News 13:20 – Facts 20:00 – What is Chemistry 24:30 – Types of chemistry 28:48 – Bonds 49:30 – Chemical tests 56:40 – States of matter 1:02:00 – Ending and Outro You can listen to The Conduct Science Podcast by using the player above, searching for “The Conduct Science Podcast”

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Macropinocytosis: Is this the Target of Future Cancer Research?

Macropinocytosis is a cellular process that occurs in cancer cells. Even though this process may help cancer as it spreads through the body, new research also gives hope for treatment. What is Macropinocytosis? All cells, including cancer cells, have a membrane that serves as a protective layer. The membrane has to be intact because the cell is full of fluid.

CSP: Heat

The Conduct Science Podcast: Heat! 00:00 – Introduction 01:50 – Announcements 06:00 – News 12:45 – What is heat? 16:30 – Factoids 19:30 – Properties of heat 24:50 – Heat waves in America 36:45 – How do people deal with heat? 43:00 – Cooking 55:11 – Is this the end? 1:02:27 – Ending and Outro You can listen to The

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Milk Chocolate May Help with Weight Regulation

The title of this news article sounds like science fiction, but there is truth in the claim. Recent research suggests that chocolate is not just tasty. It also has a real impact on our metabolism. Especially if we eat it at the right time of day. What's this all about? Chocolate Research Most people think that eating chocolate every day

CSP: Our Accidental Extinction with Dr. A. C. Lambourne

The Conduct Science Podcast: Our Accidental Extinction with Dr. A. C. Lambourne 00:00 - Intro 01:30 - Background and info 02:40 - Why write this book? 04:00 - Our accidental extinction 06:00 - Superstimuli 15:20 - Why is this an issue? 20:00 - Declining reproduction rates and supertimuli 42:50 -

CSP: Terraforming

The Conduct Science Podcast: Terraforming 00:00 – Introduction 01:00 – Announcement 05:15 – News 16:00 – What is Terraforming? 22:45 – Studies of it 28:00 – How it works 35:15 – Where can we do it? 48:30 – How to terraform 53:10 – Should we do it?! 59:00 – Ending and Outro You can listen to The Conduct Science Podcast

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Are Humans Living Longer? New Study Reveals This May Not Be True

Most of us believe that humans are living longer lives compared to our predecessors through history. The belief in our increasing longevity stems from the fact that the average life expectancy is increasing. For instance, the expectancy was 40 years in 1850, and it has grown to 70 + in our age. However, what if we have been reading the

CSP: Apocalypse – Climate Change

The Conduct Science Podcast: Apocalypse – Climate Change 00:00 – Introduction 03:45 – News 15:00 – Facts 26:30 – Insulation 33:30 – What if the poles reversed? 38:30 – Humans and heat 41:30 – Back to the poles 44:54 – Flooding 50:30 – Why climate change can lead to the apocalypse 59:30 – Food shortage 1:05:10 – Ending and Outro

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MAILbox: A Message to All Intelligent Lifeforms

Name: Suchetan Mummigatti Location: Cranfield, United Kingdom Graduation Date: September 11, 2020 Hello! Who are you and what are you working on? I have a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering (Bangalore, India) and a Master’s in Astronautics and Space Engineering from Cranfield University, UK. My research (MAILbox) was my master’s research project. There are new studies coming out every day in the field