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Anesthesia in Lab Animals
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Is Sevoflurane A Better Anesthetic Agent?

What is Sevoflurane? Sevoflurane is a volatile, non-flammable, and highly fluorinated methyl isopropyl ether anesthetic agent used to induce and maintain general anesthesia in patients or


How To Choose the Right Laboratory Hot Plates

What Is a Laboratory Hot Plate? The hot plate is an essential, portable, table-top machine used for certain lab procedures which require heating samples. Hot plates

Coding & Billing

Linear Regression

What is Linear Regression?  Linear regression is a linear relationship approach between dependent and independent variables, where interaction with a single independent variable is called ‘simple


Hypothesis Testing

What is Hypothesis Testing?  Hypothesis testing is a method used to find out the representable validity of a given probable outcome being tested for a defined

lab management

Managing Change in Clinical Laboratories

Change is inevitable, and as a leader of a clinical laboratory, you are expected to lead, implement, and manage change. This means dealing with a wide


Open Peer Review

What is Open Peer Review? Open Peer Review is a scholarly review mechanism that involves the disclosure of the reviewer and author’s identity to one another,

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