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Grants and Funding

ConductGrants and Funding
May 31, 2019

How Your Grant Application is Scored

A grant application, submitted at the National Institute of Health (NIH) and other funding agencies, is reviewed by a panel of internal and external reviewers. These reviewers are seasoned scientists and experts in biomedical scientific disciples who judge the application on five critical parameters, namely; Significance Investigator(s) Innovation Approach Environment…
ConductGrants and Funding
May 30, 2019

How to get a K award

Clinical research is touted as the backbone of healthcare; it lays the foundation for scientific discoveries, medical advances, and better therapies. Research is central to our knowledge of disease and its eradication; without it, we would not have been able to discover quinine to treat a disease as common as…
ConductGrants and Funding
May 30, 2019

Preparing to Write Grant Proposal

Academic, clinical and medical success depends largely on the availability of grant funds which in turn depend upon the quality of research proposal and application. Grant is the lifeline of biomedical research; it brings prestige and honor to the investigator. Most importantly, it ensures financial and technical support without which…
ConductGrants and Funding
May 30, 2019

What is Grant Proposal Peer-Review

Peer-review is the critical evaluation of a grant application. It is the cornerstone in academic research; it ensures scientific credibility and ethical standards of research proposals. It ensures funded studies and research projects are in strict accordance with the line of the funder’s mission. It is applied at the beginning…
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