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Lab Management

lab management
Lab Management
October 23, 2020

Laboratory test tracking

One of the leading causes of malpractice suits is the failure or breakdown of the laboratory test workflow. An integral part of this workflow is test tracking, which encompasses procedures from the point of test requests, sample collections, analyses, reports, and patient treatment plans. The test tracking system is a…
lab management
ConductLab Management
April 27, 2020

Clinical Laboratory Utilization Management

What is Laboratory Utilization or Lab Stewardship? Clinical laboratory utilization management is concerned with the effective use of resources while ensuring benefit to patients through the administration of appropriate tests at cost-effective rates. It requires the involvement of diverse parties including administrators, clinicians, laboratory personnel, and quality control professionals. In…
lab management
Lab BasicsLab Management
January 16, 2020

Laboratory Quality Assessment

Quality assessment Quality assessment (QA) is the evaluation of the results obtained in the lab using known standards and proficiency panels in order to validate quality control and quality assurance programs. Quality assessment can be internal, where the lab’s staff performs the verification tests, or external quality assessment (EQA), where…
lab management
Lab BasicsLab Management
November 21, 2019

Laboratory Quality Control

What is Laboratory Quality Control? Laboratory quality control is all the measures put in place to eliminate the risk of non-conforming outcomes. It involves systems that safeguard the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of lab results by ensuring the early detection of results or measurement errors and the procedures to rectify…
care and maintenance of laboratory equipment
Lab BasicsLab Management
November 3, 2019

Laboratory Equipment Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance of laboratory equipment is an integral part of quality assurance in the lab. Well-maintained lab equipment ensures that data is consistent and reliable, which in turn impacts the productivity and integrity of the work produced. Furthermore, since laboratory equipment generally takes up a big cut of…
laboratory safety rules
Lab BasicsLab Management
October 3, 2019

Laboratory Safety Rules and Guidelines

Preston Brown, a graduate student at Texas Tech University was working on the highly energetic nickel hydrazine perchlorate (NHP) in early January 2010 when an almost fatal accident that scarred him for life occurred. In a series of events that involved disregard for his supervisor’s guidelines, failure to wear safety…
lab management
Lab Management
September 19, 2019

Fundamentals of Lab Management

Running a lab is not so different from running a business. Like a business, a lab is made up of people with diverse skills who work as a team. A lab needs to be financed so that the required resources can be made available. Generally, a lab should have a…
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