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Anesthesia in Lab Animals
Purchasing Guides

Is Sevoflurane A Better Anesthetic Agent?

What is Sevoflurane? Sevoflurane is a volatile, non-flammable, and highly fluorinated methyl isopropyl ether anesthetic agent used to induce and maintain general anesthesia in patients or


How To Choose the Right Laboratory Hot Plates

What Is a Laboratory Hot Plate? The hot plate is an essential, portable, table-top machine used for certain lab procedures which require heating samples. Hot plates

Lab incubator

Choosing the Right Incubator for Your Laboratory

Laboratory incubators are scientific equipment found in most research, analytical, or diagnostic laboratories. Lab incubators store collected samples or specimens in specified conditions so that the


Flowmeters: A Buyer’s Guide

  As an Amazon Associate Conductscience Inc earns revenue from qualifying purchases   Flowmeters: Introduction Flowmeters or flow sensors can be defined as devices that can

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