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Science of Politics


Science and Foreign Affairs: A Global Consolidation for a Better World

Science and Foreign Affairs: Introduction From climate change policies to pandemic preparedness plans, foreign relations impact people on an individual, national, and global levels. The world of international affairs is, in fact, a mixture of politics, culture, economics, and innovations, with science and technology being two of the main factors in improving multinational relations.  Whether utilized to improve healthcare services

Opioid Use Disorder Treatment | A Cure or an Addiction

The Opioid Epidemic across the World: Introduction With more than 27 million people suffering from substance use disorders, the opioid crisis is a global health problem. In 2016, for example, 275 million people admitted to taking drugs (34 million used opioids, while 19 million took opiates). Note that although the terms opiates and opioids are often used interchangeably, there's a
Science behind Global Warming

The Science behind Global Warming

What Is Global Warming? Global warming is an alarming phenomenon which is characterized by a drastic increase in the average global temperature in the Earth’s atmosphere. Studies show that since 1950, the average Earth’s temperature has risen at the fastest rate in recorded history. The current temperature rise of approximately 1°C is detrimental and encompasses extreme weather events, rising sea
Gun Violence and Gun Control

Gun Violence and Gun Control: When Research Shoots Down Myths

Gun Control and Human Rights: Introduction Gun violence, defined as a crime committed with the use of firearms, threatens human rights across the globe. From pistols to machine guns, gun violence affects thousands of people and accounts for more than 500 deaths and 2,000 firearm-related injuries every day. Note that even the presence of arms is enough to cause long-term
Global Data on Human Trafficking

Global Data on Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery Exists The right to liberty is one of the essential human rights. Evidence, however, shows that slavery didn't end with the Slavery Abolition Act in the 19th century. Modern slavery or human trafficking is a global problem affecting millions of people and societies across the world. In fact, data shows there are twice as many trafficked
Fish A Renewable Resource

Fish: A Renewable Resource?

What is Overfishing and Why is it Important? When we hear the term “renewable resource”, we think of solar, wind, and water energy, not biomass (or in this example: fish). The fishing industry is perhaps one of the biggest and most widespread industries known to man and often enters the mainstream media in a poor light, especially in regards to