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Policing and Public Health

Policing and Public Health: What is the Link?

How can we measure the impact of policing on public health? Recent killings of unarmed civilians in the U.S. sparked an outcry from the public that led to the Black Lives Matter movement. However, this issue may be more pervasive than we think. The way the law enforcement officers interacts with citizens can impact the health of the population. New

Lab equipment

Macropinocytosis: Is this the Target of Future Cancer Research?

Macropinocytosis is a cellular process that occurs in cancer cells. Even though this process may help cancer as it spreads through the body, new research also gives hope for treatment. What is Macropinocytosis? All cells, including cancer cells, have a membrane that serves as a protective layer. The membrane has to be intact because the cell is full of fluid.

A picture with milk chocolate

Milk Chocolate May Help with Weight Regulation

The title of this news article sounds like science fiction, but there is truth in the claim. Recent research suggests that chocolate is not just tasty. It also has a real impact on our metabolism. Especially if we eat it at the right time of day. What’s this all about? Chocolate Research Most people think that eating chocolate every day

Old man siting in a train.

Are Humans Living Longer? New Study Reveals This May Not Be True

Most of us believe that humans are living longer lives compared to our predecessors through history. The belief in our increasing longevity stems from the fact that the average life expectancy is increasing. For instance, the expectancy was 40 years in 1850, and it has grown to 70 + in our age. However, what if we have been reading the

Pandemics of the past - Decorative image

Epidemics of the Past Explained with Math and Historical Records

Epidemics are a recurring theme in history. But how much do we know about them? Also, can the past epidemics teach us about what to expect in the future? David Earn from the department of applied mathematics at Ontario’s McMaster University wants to see what history can teach us. His research centers on evaluating historical records to find clues about

Youths with Diverse Gender

Diverse Gender Youths are Bullied More Often

The inclusion of diverse gender identities into society is part of the global effort to enhance equality. Even though many countries celebrate the progress toward a more diverse society, there are still milestones to complete. The research from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign clearly illustrates the need for new policies, especially in the education system. The Research The researchers looked

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‘The Gate of Consciousness’ Maybe Discovered

What is the ‘gate of consciousness?’ If you go to a buzzy city square during a workday and stand, your brain will register all the commotion. However, your conscious mind will only register the most important aspects in the surrounding. For instance, if a car is approaching you at high speed or someone is standing too close to you. What

Elderly woman painting hearts on street wall - Featured image

Heart Health Misdiagnosis for Women Because of Prejudice

The organism often gives signals that can indicate the onset of heart health problems. However, new research shows that cultural preconceptions about gender play a role in whether those signals are correctly interpreted. Symptoms that would gain a complete set of tests in a male patient are ignored when a woman is concerned. The fact that gender prejudice plays a

Coffee Consumption - Featured Image

Coffee Consumption and Cardiovascular Health: Genetics of the Ideal Daily Dose

Coffee consumption is an everyday activity for many people worldwide. We all have our favourite way of drinking coffee, and we also differ in the doses we take. Some among us like to drink several cups a day, and others don’t want to be near a cup. Why do people differ in how much coffee they can drink? The Study

Three elderly women holding hands - Menopause featured image

Predictive Models for Determining Onset of Menopause

Predicting the onset of menopause can help women better prepare for this phase of life. Thankfully, researchers from the Jyväskylä University want to make this possible. Menopause Usually, menopause occurs naturally in women when their menstrual period ceases. That is, a woman’s ovaries decrease the production of eggs for fertilization. This process is followed by physiological changes that cause women