Category: Laboratory Techniques

Laboratory Techniques

Electrophysiology Chambers: How To Examine Tissue Slices

What Are Electrophysiology Chambers? Electrophysiology chambers are designed to study tissue electrophysiology in preclinical research. These chambers can be used for tissue slices in neuropharmacological and

Anesthesia in Lab Animals
Laboratory Techniques

Isoflurane For Animal Anesthesia: How to Safely Use

What Is Isoflurane? Isoflurane, also known by the brand names, Forane and Terrel, is an inhalation anesthetic used in animal research to induce general anesthesia.[1] Figure:

Optogenetics on a mouse
Laboratory Techniques

What Is Optogenetics and How Does It Work?

Need optogenetic devices for your lab? Click here What Is Optogenetics? Optogenetics is a method of controlling and monitoring the functions of cells, tissues, and organisms

Lab Basics

ESR Testing Methods

Introduction Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is a measure of the rate of fall of RBCs at the bottom of a test tube when held upright in

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