The Conduct Science Podcast: Our Accidental Extinction with Dr. A. C. Lambourne


00:00 – Intro


01:30 – Background and info


02:40 – Why write this book?


04:00 – Our accidental extinction


06:00 – Superstimuli


15:20 – Why is this an issue?


20:00 – Declining reproduction rates and supertimuli


42:50 – Ending and outro


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Episode Description

Today on The Conduct Science Podcast, Mitch and Tom are joined by Dr. A. C. Lambourne. He is a researcher, lecturer, and author who is studying the future of human reproduction rates. Some of the most developed countries in the world such as Japan, Singapore, and lots of Europe are reaching a point where their reproduction rate is not enough to sustain the population. What might be causing this within our society and is this bad? We’ve heard all these years that global overpopulation is a bad thing… is it time to prepare for the opposite, and if so how do we combat it? Superstimuli is one possible explanation, playing on our desires! Find out today in the interview where we cover the contents of Dr. Lambourne’s new book “Our Accidental Extinction: the dangerous gap between what we want and what we need”. Music:

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