CSP Revisit: Human Evolution

00:00 – Intro

06:00 – News

16:00 – Facts

22:00 – What is evolution

32:00 – New human arteries and human evolution

42:30 – Human evolutionary leftovers

52:45 – Human evolution on Mars

56:00 – Mitch’s new tech

1:00:00 – Why we have grandparents

1:03:00 – Ending and Outro

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Episode Description

This week on The Conduct Science Podcast, join Mitch and Tom as they revisit human evolution! Just as the course of evolution is never simple the boys start off with a bit of a tangent today but pull it back on track to discuss current news of the world! Mitch takes a look at what evolution is and the three methods through which it occurs. Mitch then explores new human evolution in the form of new arteries in our arms and the boys discuss how human evolution may change in a connected world. Tom takes us through some evolutionary leftovers that humans still have but don’t have any use anymore. The boys then discuss how humans will evolve on mars, Mitch’s new technology which could increase human diversity (thus evolution), and why we have grandparents. Music: WhiteBatAudio.com

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