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Conduct Science Design

A scientific manuscript has significantly more impact when mixed with visuals. Anything from graphs/charts to diagrams to infographics help enhance your publication and get it read, increasing the linkages and an Individual paper’s impact in the scientific community. We know how time consuimg and laborious it is to create illustrations that meet all the requiremnets of different journals, but our experts are here to help.

What we offer

Journal Compliance

Formatting, layout resolution, lettering, spacing, scaling, color selection/adjustment, file conversion, we do it all. We’ll save you time.

Design Experts

Whether its illustrations, bar charts, infographics, videos, gifs, or more, we have the experts to make it look stunning

Your Ownership

Scientific images are always yours, we hand over the raw assets so you can continue to use the files for years to come whether its posters, resubmissions, presentations, and more.

Unrivaled Quality

Our illustrations are presented in the highest quality possible for compatability with multimodal distribution, whether print or digital.

Design packages


Infographics, visual summaries, and more

Data Visualization

Figures, Graphs, Charts (bar/plot/flow/pathway), Tables.


Posters, flyers, meeting programs


Journals, book cover art, and more


Powerpoint, keynote, google slides. We’ll make your talk seen