Our Values

Utilizing new technologies to advance medical research

At Qolty Sciences, we believe that the next generation of  medical therapies will come from research that utilizes advanced technology to better understand our patients. While medical interventions have advanced significantly in the last 30 years, the ability to see how these therapies are helping on a day to day basis have not, and thus our overarching mission is to give a better insight into our patients. The Qolty platform empowers researchers to do their jobs better, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively in ways never before possible.

Our Company Values

Subjective Data

At Qolty, we believe that the patient's feelings of pain, discomfort, improvement, happiness, and our wide range of human experiences are some of the most valuable information a clinician can know. Our technologies are developed to fully capture subjective attributes so that you can publish about the wide range of human experience. What else is medicine but the improvement of the experience feeling of life?

Company Values

Objective Data

Qolty is made of scientists, doctors, and technical programmers who understand the value of objective data in scientific studies. We know that you will always be searching for evidence to back your grand claims, and the Qolty platform makes it easy to integrate this evidence from smartphones (such as the Timed Up and Go Test) to wearable extensions such as the iWatch and Fitbit. Qolty makes it easy to gather data for you to publish. That is our promise.

Our Company Values

Advanced Data

Qolty is inherently a mobile technology, and we want to give the power of new mobile technologies to researchers to allow research in ways never before possible. Whether its geofencing patients (Corridor) to Video transmissions (Sight), to even assisting in study recruitment through digital means (Sonar), the team at Qolty has built innovative technologies to allow your study to be at the forefront of digital patient research

Company Values

Planning Assistance

As a researcher, you have a difficult job. We want to make it easy for you to design and launch your study and for you to personally benefit. Whether thats integrating your data to your health care system's EMR or finding ways to monetize your unique IP, we work hard to offer unique modules such as white labeling apps and FHIR launch for EMR integration. We will make your research easy and accessible. That is a core value of our company and our promise to you.

Our Company Values

Scientific Support

Mobile health studies are an entirely new field and we know that grant writing in this novel space can be a challenge. Qolty Sciences hires over 20 full and part time grant writers to assist with your research grant. We are proud to be deeply knowledgable in the literature in which our technologies are developed, and we are committed to helping you win your grants. We will help write entire sections, provide reference literature and guide you on best practices for any kind of grant, from R21 to SBIR to small insitutional grant. No call for proposals is too small for us.


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