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A versatile biosensor

Garmin offers the Vivosmart3, which is an accurate heart monitor to calculate VO2 Max, as well as other measures of aerobic activity, including heart rate variability. We also include the Garmin Index Smart Scale. Using the GarminAPI, you can connect intelligent surveys to the Qolty platform for your research


Renowned for making quality products to track various aspects of the daily activity; Garmin offers state of the art geopositioning system for various applications. Additionally, they manufacture wearable devices for health and fitness as well.

Garmin’s latest offering in fitness series is a wearable device called Vivosmart 3. It has accurate heart rate monitor and is one of the few wearables that can calculate VO2 max, which is a measure of one’s aerobic capacity. A measure of aerobic capacity is vital in predicting long term health and longevity.

Built in heart rate variability monitor, helps to monitor the stress level in a person, it gives recommendations to control stress through various exercises. It is useful in identifying the situations that cause stress in a person.

Vivosmart is a highly versatile activity tracker. It is capable of counting steps; floors climbed, calories burnt. It is capable of automatically detecting physical activities like walking, running, cycling or swimming. It can be used to keep track of reps in various exercises. It captures every parameter of person’s physical activity.

Garmin is also offering a premium version of this wearable device named Vivoactive HR, with certain added features like bigger and colorful display, added GPS tracking for a more accurate measure of fitness activities, especially biking, hiking and walking.

Another device that is an excellent addition to a fitness routine is Garmin index smart scale. It has all the standard features, like automatic calculation of BMI, body fat, body water content, muscle and bone mass. It can automatically recognize up to 16 users.

All devices offered by Garmin have wireless data transfer technology, enabling users to share their activity data with their trainers, and healthcare providers. Consequently, information provided by these gadgets is easily incorporated into the Qolty platform.

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