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Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band

A versatile biosensor

Microsoft provides a wide variety of sensors for your patients. Using the Qolty platform, you can use  connect the Microsoft Fitness Band to the various other modalities to obtain both subjective and objective data about your patients.


Microsoft Band with its elegant design, comfortable fit, and thoughtfully integrated technologies makes adoption of a healthier lifestyle easy. Microsoft Band is supported on various mobile platforms via Microsoft Band App which along with Microsoft Health application helps you visualize your health and fitness activity easily.

Microsoft Band is designed with a durable Corning Gorilla Glass 3, AMOLED display and water resistance capabilities. Its optical heart rate sensor improves your overall fitness understanding and provides activity specific insights to improve performance. The built-in GPS and barometer sensors enable precision based fitness tracking. Microsoft Band efficiently measures elevation gains, step counts, distance, heart rate, duration of activity and calories burnt during physical activeness and groups activities based on the type of exercise to improve performance based insights.

The GPS also maps the route of the hike and highlights points of interest along the route. Apart from its smart alerts which provide helpful reminders, the band is also equipped with UV monitor which delivers real-time reading of your UV exposure.

The band is designed to provide a wholesome approach to health and fitness tracking and thus takes into consideration the need for exercise recovery and sleep efficiency. The band is able to recommend recovery time between each workout and is also capable of analyzing sleep patterns which are transformed into visual data to help you improve your overall quality of sleep cycle. Microsoft Band’s Smart Alarm is another effort to help you improve your sleep quality.

The band also functions as a smart watch. Its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity lets you sync your band with your mobile device thereby ensuring that your Microsoft Band is always up to date with the latest information. The band provides quick access to email, text, calendar event, incoming call, and voicemail notifications. On Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant supported platforms you are able to set reminders, make notes and even reply to a text. Microsoft Band supports social media connectivity for Facebook and Twitter. The Smart Notification aspect of Microsoft Band lets you turn off notifications as needed with a simple tap on the Do Not Disturb icon on its screen. As an added feature the band helps track stocks and provides real-time weather forecast.

Using Microsoft Band lets you put away your phone while still staying connected with your device. The band is compatible with many popular fitness apps and other partnered apps. Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band apps together assist you to improve your overall health and manage the functionality of your band. Microsoft Band simplifies fitness and health monitoring while motivating you towards a healthy lifestyle.

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