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Nonin for Researchers


A versatile biosensor

Nonin Medical provides durable pulse oximeters. Using the Nonin API, you can connect intelligent surveys to the Qolty platform for your research


Nonin derives its name from “noninvasive.” It is a US based innovative enterprise that specializes in making portable devices and sensors for measuring the concentration of gases in blood and various organs. It is a corporation that is credited with inventing portable pulse oximeter. It also makes devices to measure oxygen concentration in different parts of the body like the brain (Regional oximetry). The company produces capnograph that is used to measure the concentration of CO2 in respiratory gases. Nonin manufactures devices that provide fast and reliable results for personal and professional use. These devices can be utilized either for on the spot analysis or continuous monitoring.

Nonin produces pulse oximeters that have been tested for accuracy in most extreme conditions. Their finger pulse oximeters are known for preciseness by professionals. They provide the oxygen saturation and heart rate in various disease conditions like COPD. It is one of the few companies offering pulse oximeters with wireless technology for remote monitoring by clinicians.

Regional oximeters are used in clinics, to measure the real time oxygen saturation in various tissues such as the brain. They are useful for monitoring in critical care, emergency medicine, operating room and surgical recovery. Device providing regional oximetry data along with pulse oximetry can be invaluable in supporting real-time judgment. Further, these devices have been calibrated for providing accurate results in pediatric patients.

Capnography along with oximetry provide more reliable data for emergency medicine or acute resuscitation. It can be used to study sleep pattern, manage pain and sedation to name the few. In certain clinical settings, capnography is more sensitive and swift as compared to oximetry for monitoring vital signs.

Since most of the devices by Nonin provide wireless connectivity, they can be integrated with the Qolty app for real-time decision making, or data logging for clinical studies.

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