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Easy Access IP

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Conductscience Administrator
Conduct Science promotes new generations of tools for science tech transferred from academic institutions including mazes, digital health apps, virtual reality and drones for science. Our news promotes the best new methodologies in science.
Conductscience Administrator
Conduct Science promotes new generations of tools for science tech transferred from academic institutions including mazes, digital health apps, virtual reality and drones for science. Our news promotes the best new methodologies in science.
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Easy Access IP: Conduct Science

Easy Access IP & Conduct Science: When Ideas and Solutions Meet

Scientific know-how is evolving, and the advancement of new technology can only benefit society. It’s not surprising that the majority of research institutions have started to implement more and more digital solutions into practice. However, technological innovations in some universities are not completely developed or commercialized due to insufficient funding and marketing. So, how can researchers bring their ideas into reality and make a profit out of their intellectual property at the same time? Easy Access IP holds the answer to any successful research practices. Easy Access IP is the newest pathway to traditional technology transfer, which makes ideas available to the industry for free.

We at Conduct Science can help you explore the vast opportunities of the Easy Access IP approach in order to transform research innovations into real products and free services. Through Conduct Science, researchers can promote their ideas and findings. At the same time, industries can support production and practical solutions, which can benefit society. By implementing the principles of Easy Access IP, Conduct  Science can help you and your clients:

  • Support university and medical research
  • Help industries open more jobs and profit economies
  • Bring governments, international institutions, and research centers together
  • Help companies and clients access new inventions, tools, and services
  • Protect intellectual property and allow experts to get royalties
  • Cut license costs and increase business revenue
  • Facilitate the search and implementation of license-free technologies
  • Have business relationships based on explicit legal agreements
  • Benefit universities, economies, and societies

Easy Access IP: The Future of Research and Technology Transfer

Easy Access IP is the newest approach to traditional technology transfer. Technology transfer defines the process of commercialization of technologies – with the sole purpose to support economies and people. The process of reaching the marker is achieved via licensing intellectual property to companies which can implement ideas into practice and reach customers. External parties are incredibly beneficial, especially when government funding and regulations are way too restricting. Consequently, institutions can get payments for all licensed services. Easy Access IP is a licensing model that has been implemented by many leading universities and research centers across the globe. From CERN to the University of Oxford – Easy Access IP can help universities popularize their research by reducing licensing costs and partnering with businesses. As a result, experts can transform innovations into practical solutions which can reach the world of marketing.

By allowing more organizations to access the global research base for free, educational institutions can increase profit and gain royalties. At the same time, innovators can keep the patent of their products and services. Since the license is free and the marketing process transparent, a wide variety of businesses can get involved. The industries can foster development cycles and reach customers. As a result, the whole of society can benefit from new innovative technologies.

How Does Easy Access IP Work?

Conduct Science encourages researchers to promote their services, cut costs and sell their innovations. The marketing process is based on the popular collaboration model, which focuses on intellectual profit, academia, and private institutions. We access the market directly, via a direct to customer model, and share profit. We also focus on licensing, which is a factor that may define which products and institutions succeed. By cutting operating costs, universities can focus on research, and at the same time, businesses can access innovations easily. Note that in the field of healthcare, available products, and rapid services can save lives.

Most of all, with Conduct Science, research agreements between parties are simplified. In fact, Easy Access IP licenses are reduced to a one-page agreement. This approach gives clarity, saves time, and cut legal costs. We eliminate bureaucracy and let ideas spread freely.

Why Easy Access IP?

Easy Access IP shares inventions and intellectual property for free. This is a process that benefits all parties involved. By sharing ideas without costly legal negotiations, university inventions can find their way into practical use. At the same time, businesses can access the newest advancements and offer them to clients. Consequently, economies and societies can benefit from available technologies.

Note that although universities give away up to 95% of their IP licenses for free, they still get the chance to patent their invention. Thus, intellectual property is protected, and inventors honored. At the same time, inventions are available to the industry and the public, which is beneficial for research centers, marketing organizations, and societies.

The History of Easy Access IP

The Easy Access IP approach differs entirely from the old Technology Transfer Office (TTO). Although the initial aim of TTO was to make academic insights available to the market and help ideas meet practical solutions, Easy Access IP is more flexible and effective.

Still, we should admit that TTO changed the history of academic research. Decades ago, university innovations were never commercialized. On top of that, research was often controlled by the government. It was the Bayl-Dole Act that shifted the focus of academia. With the implementation of the Bayh-Dole Act in 1980, research centers were allowed to own, patent, and commercialize even federal funded research. As a result, numerous universities created a TTO unit to support innovations and get them licensed and marketed effectively. However, TTOs are expensive units, and often universities do not gain revenue from their licensing fees. By eliminating such costs, Easy Access IP allows educational centers to partner with businesses. Since the idea was pioneered, more and more organizations have started to implement the Easy Access IP initiative. We at Conduct Science can help you change history and join the future of university research.

Conduct Science and Easy Access IP: Your Success Is Real

Technology transfer makes ideas real. Easy Access IP facilitates the commercialization of innovations. As explained above, many parties can benefit from the Easy Access IP initiative. Universities can cut their TTO operating costs, which proved to be rigid. Consequently, experts can invest more in research and take innovations to the market. Through Conduct Science, innovations and products can bring researchers, businesses, and customers together.

In the end, innovations should benefit people. We at Conduct Science are dedicated to helping you patent your innovations, cut licensing costs via simplified agreements, and reach customers. From new drugs to nanotechnology, ideas can finally meet solutions and become available to the public. By having technologies and services licensed for free, the advancements of science get closer to people. Innovation and technology transfer can lead societies towards the future of medicine, agriculture, and engineering.

Conduct Science and Easy Access IP: Conclusion

            Innovations are valuable when they are developed and commercialized. However