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[Editor’s Note: We are currently accepting guest post submissions! We want to hear about your scientific successes, failures, insights, expert advice and more. Come and share your knowledge with the community (see ideas below).

  • Must be applicable to scientists, physicians, or those in the peer review community
  • Your ideas will appear on
  • The best content will be highlighted in a monthly newsletter and social media
  • Be a leader in the scientific community
  • Share your wisdom so we can make great science
  • Life, career, and more, we support all aspects of science

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Guest Post Guidelines

Guest posts will be reviewed biweekly. Guest posts should be sent with the pitch and title below. This helps us eliminate spam and keep content high quality.

1) English

You must speak/write English as well as a highly-educated native English speaker, which is the target audience for the blog.  If I have to edit out multiple simple grammar and spelling errors it is unlikely we are going to publish your post.

2) Contact Us Yourself

All contacts with us should be from the author of the submission. If it isn’t important enough for you to contact us directly, it isn’t important enough for us to publish.

3) The Target Audience

The target audience of this site is academics, scientists, physicians, dentists , and other scientific professionals and their trainees.  They don’t come here to read scientific advice from large pharmaceutical companies or members not part of the peer review community. If your article isn’t specific to these folks, we’re not going to publish it.

4) You Are the Expert

You should know more about the subject you are posting about than I do, or at least include some personal perspective about it.  The best guest posts come from regular readers of this blog, published life science authors, well-established scientific bloggers, professional scientific career advisors, and those with specific expertise on a subject related to scientist and physician career and well being.  Readers of this site seem to prefer “meatier” posts, so posts that contain only information easily found with a 10 second Google search are much less likely to be published. If your post is published you’ll be sure to be given credit with a link to your site/book, but if the main purpose of your guest post is simply to spread links around the internet, you’d be best served looking elsewhere.

5) How to Submit

Your post proposal should be submitted in the form below. We will followup with interested emails with a reply in which you will then submit your post as a Word document or a Google Doc.

6) Length and Format

There are no length or formatting requirements.  Read a few posts here and try to submit yours in a similar format/length.  I find posts shorter than 600 words are generally too short.  More than 3000 is too long.  1400-2500 seems to be a sweet spot.  But I care far more about the content than the length and have yet to reject a post solely due to its length. Please do not add bold, underlining, italics, extra spacing between paragraphs, etc. We remove it all during the editing process.

7) Previously Published Articles

Do not submit material you have published elsewhere or plan to publish elsewhere. Google frowns on duplicated content, and punishes both sites in the search engine rankings. When submitting a guest post, you are giving me the copyright on the material. It is okay to publish an excerpt of your post on your site, and then include a link to this site, but not okay to republish a large portion of the post or the post in its entirety.

8) DO NOT Send Us a Draft

There is nothing more annoying than spending an hour editing, formatting, and prepping a post only to get a “final version” two days later. It takes about as long to edit and prep a guest post as to write the darn thing myself. When you send us something, I assume you’re done with it and proud of it as it stands. A minor correction is no big deal, but I don’t need to see anything but the final version.

9) Evergreen

Make your content “ever-green” as much as possible. There may be a gap of 1-6 months between the submission of your article and its publication. The vast majority of the content on this site won’t ever really become outdated.

10) Plagiarism

DO NOT plagiarize even a portion of your submitted guest post. That can get both of us in legal trouble. It is considered “fair use” to quote small portions of articles as long as they are attributed to the author and not construed as your own work.

11) Don’t Be Offensive

Avoid offensive phrasing. There is usually a way to get your point across without racist, sexist, profane, or crude terms that are likely to offend part of my audience.

12) Ideas For Guest Posts

Consider posting on the following subjects which have been requested by readers:

By professionals/Experts

  1. Evaluation, comparison and need of various key scientific apparatuses
  2. Scientfic career issues for singles or unmarried couples
  3. Serving in academia while enlisted in active duty military
  4. Moving to specific cities for life sciences
  5. Medical school scholarships

By regular blog readers/ high-income professionals

  1. Book reviews of books relevant to this blog’s audience (not your own book please)
  2. Your scientific story or your career path
  3. Unique financial aspects for academics, scientists, doctors, pharmacists, mid-levels, veterinarians, podiatrists, optometrists, and two scientist couples.
  4. Academic life of DINKs (Dual Income No Kids)
  5. How to make sure female scientists are paid what you’re worth, no matter your gender
  6. The financial aspects of being a single scientist parent
  7. Taking care of elderly parents living nearby or in your home
  8. Submitting your first K grant
  9. Submitting your first R01 Grant
  10. Getting foundational support for your grant
  11. How to earn/research medical school scholarships ie, HPSP, etc.