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Baby Steps LA

We created an app that helps new parents to provide better healthcare for newborn children, it is called Baby Steps LA.

With Baby Steps LA you can:

Track and store your information


Track and store your information


Track and store your information


Baby Steps LA easy-to-access features give new parents the upper hand

Moderated chat facility for parents,

to interact with healthcare professionals by asking questions, sharing information, and personal experiences.

Track and store health information about your baby,

assisting your healthcare provider with a wider view to ensure faster and precise treatment decisions.

Self-evaluation Tool,

to scan your current mood. This is a key factor as you ought to be at your best when taking care of your baby.

A personal task manager and reminder,

where the parents can set daily activities and mark them when completed.

A Virtual Medical Library,

with tons of curated content where you can find handy articles to complement your experience as well as step by step guides for specific tasks.

On-app quick access to useful resources,

like transportation, housing, education, and safety.

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