“Who, what, when, where, why and how.”

The key questions that Cadence will help you answer.

Candence allows you to give surveys with multiple channels at multiple time points.



On your patients time, without interruption

Single Survey

Single Patient

Patient Cadence

1 Patient, 1 Survey

Multiple Patients

Population Cadence

Single Survey, Multiple Patients

Multiple Surveys

Survey Cadence

Multiple Surveys, Single Patient

Proxy Cadence

Multiple Patients, Multiple Surveys

1 Patient, 1 Survey

Patient Cadence

Individual Questions

Individual questions, Groups of questions, and entire surveys are sent to questions to maximize response rate and survey completion, intelligently bases on the patient’s maximum probability method of completion.  

With Survey Cadence

You can maximize response rates with intelligent delivery using machine learning methods to maximize the response rate to your targeted patient. It learns when the patient is most willing to answer questions within your survey

  • Maximize response to notification (CPM)
  • Maximize Answer question (CTR)
  • Maximize Survey completion (CPA)

Timing Cadence

Patient Cadence with Timing allows you to automatically target maximum response rates by utilizing differential timing in the survey delivery.