Automated Medical Jargon Translation

Before Doctorlingo

Doctorlingo , with Qolty implementation, automatically identifies jargon text within patient education or documentation materials

With Doctorlingo + Qolty

Qolty interfaces with the JSON Doctorlingo API  to take that lingo to translate to commonly used phrases in English and laymans terms.


Design your app. If there are education modules or areas where there may be medical Jargon, the Doctorlingo API integration with Qolty is an ideal solution for you


Develop your app with Qolty and our customized module significantly lowers the cost of development. Your IP stays with you.


Deployment with Qolty is easy. We help your digital health solution go from research to market and long term maintenance.

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Limit definitions to relevant opportunities within text

Jargon is everywhere, but you have a specific purpose, whether its to explain terminology in your specialty to only pathologies that matter to you. Intelligent detection creates healthy limitations within Qolty app for creating intelligent translations.

Acronym Translator

Expansion of commonly used acronyms into full terminology

Limit your translation autodetection to acronyms and difficult to understand lingo. The Joint Commission do not use list , and other customized lists automatically detects language within these parameters and removes them from your documentation

Technical Explainer

Turning medical language into opportunities for education

Rather than writing entirely new documents to explain pathology such as cholecystitis, medical education can be auto inserted as links to explain these terms to minimize friction

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