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Private Label

Brand your Qolty App

Private Label lets you run a branded study

With Private Label Qolty, you get a branded App, Branded website, and private community to collect data for your needs.

Qolty Private Label is the Qolty app with all the benefits of its modular backend except entirely labeled as your app. Patients will interact with your app and download it from the app store, find out more information from your white labeled website of a domain name of your choosing.

Our powerful Qolty infrastructure allows for you to build any scientific app you want, but this means sometimes we need to calibrate it a bit for your private label study. Shoot us a message and we’ll prep your private label back end app right away so you can get started, set up your arms and data collection methods, and install any other module you need.

No, we understand that it takes time to run a proper study, but we can help you set up your Private Label app. We’re happy to help you figure out your branding and domain name and strategies to maximize success for enrollment of your patients.

Apps can be deployed on both Android and iOS (Apple), and usually simultaneously. However, there may be some minor differences in the capabilities of each. Please contact us for your specific needs if you have a question.

The Private label apps are pushed to iOS and the Android app store, and any country that allows download will have access to your Private Label app. In addition, our proprietary framework allows for easy multilingual trnaslations for Multilingual support. See the Multilingual Qolty Module for more information

Quality Design

Qolty Private Label allows you to easily deploy a website and app with fantastic design. If you have extremely custom needs our designers will help you ensure it looks fantastic

High Performance

The Qolty framework is fast, efficient, and works on all types of devices from high end to budget. Get the most patient enrollment possible and prevent poor enrollment among the underrepresented and disenfranchised with our agile and flexible framework.

One time development price: Approx $10,000-$19,000.

Yearly Plan



  • Custom Domain & Website*
  • Branded App
  • Submission to App store
  • iPhone and Android
  • Prices per minimum patient packages as noted on

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*dependent on domain name availability from registrar, or comparable registrar. Exclusionary of resellers and secondary domain name suppliers.