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Our Editing Packages

Light Editing

Moderate Editing

Developmental Editing

Light Editing


  • Corrections for general grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, and occasional sentence structure.
  • Neuroscience-based content written in a format that is accessible to general audiences.
  • 550 words edition of any section from your manuscript.
  • Correction, formatting and checking for the first 5 references.
  • 7 helpful comments (at least) to add value to your manuscript.

Moderate Editing

$62.50 per 1000 words (> 1000 words you receive a 10% discount)

  • Light editing plus frequent sentence restructuring,
  • An attractive and accurate summary of your research or company announcements.
  • Edition for clarity, consistency, and conciseness so the science shines through
  • Making sure it conforms to all journal instructions
  • Free proofread after writing 
  • One-to-one expert guidance and advice

Developmental Editing

You will receive a personalized quote based on your needs

  • Moderate editing plus paragraph restructuring and re-organization of logical flow.
  • Highly technical and thorough scientific write-ups based on literature and research
  • Figure preparation
  • Reference editing
  • Cover letter & abstract writing
  • Word count reduction
  • Section rearranging
  • Personalized guidance and revisions
  • We would love to support, please let us know your needs

Editing Services


24 Hours

You send us your text in a Word document or Google Doc and we “diagnose” it for you. We determine whether your text requires a light, moderate or developmental edit. Along with the diagnosis, we send you the updates with your invoice based on our rates and the document’s length.


We will edit your text at a rate of 3,000 words per 24 hours.

Revisions – Final Proofread

Free; 24 hours

After you have responded to our comments, we go through your document one last time to ensure that the final version is 100% clean and correct.


We deliver your document in three different formats:

  • with initial tracked changes and comments;
  • with final tracked changes; and
  • clean version.

We understand that unpublished work is sensitive material. We take important measures to ensure that your work remains confidential.

  • All editors sign NDR
  • We have a confidentiality clause in our Terms
  • Our editors are trained to maintain confidentiality
  • We use SSL and encryption to transmit texts
  • We store your final texts in a highly secure database