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How it Works


The contracts


Our unique, quick negotiation revenue aligned contracts


Frequently Asked Questions

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The History

Understand where this process originated


The Old Way

Figure 1: We think this traditional process limits creativity and innovation

Our Process

Figure 2: Our way. Designed to be fast and creator (Scientists) aligned.

Terms and Conditions. No Contractual negotiations.

Our standard revenue share contracts provide quick and equitable tech transfer, shortening the process from years to sometimes a day.

Your Product is Listed

Our scientific and marketing teams will work to list your product & make it look beautiful.

Marketing and Sales

Our sales team, partners, and distributors will be educated on the product. This process typically takes 4-8 weeks.

Product Manufacturing

Every iteration gets better, and every sale leads to improvements, funded by your collaborators.

Scaling and Refinement

We bridge your product to scale, and we’re here for you at every step of the way.

The Benefits


We transfer small non-molecule based inventions that do not require patent protection for go to market, decreasing cost and increasing accessibility and profitability



Standardization of contracts ensures that everyone gets their fair share quickly and transparently. This means time saving and use of all scientific invention inventory.

Scientific Visibility

Technology transfer of your methods means that you get more citations for your publications. Leave a lasting, sustainable legacy of science.

Who should sell on ConductScience?


A PI and their staff can make available their protocols and methods for sale, leading to increased replication and citations as well as profitability


Core Services

University and private core services serve internal audiences, but then selling those inventions means you can increase citations , generate revenue, and become self sustaining


Individuals who create solutions can sell their methods on, leading to revenue and academic entrepreneurship at its finest.

How do I protect my IP ?

Fast, quick transactions with a marketplace solution

Patent Protection

We ask that no patents are sought . This helps to decrease the cost of the device/invention for others to replicate and sell.


Trade Secrets & Commerce

Instead we use trade secrets, endorsements, and marketability to spread the word of your invention as a PI, maximizing replicability and profitability

The Licensing

Our licensing ensures that all parties are aligned

Upfront Fee

We ask that TTO/Academic partners waive any upfront fees. This sort of engagement increases cost and decreases the ease of technology transfer by placing risk on key industry partners.


Revenue Share

Instead we share revenue on a yearly basis with academic partners based on sales revenue. The % share depends on the type of invention and method of manufacturing


The Creation

Creating the device can come in three separate pathways

This could be your research app, tech transfered and monetized.

Ready to take the next step and work together?

Digital Partner

Some labs and core facilities know the manufacturing well and prefer to keep most of the profitability. Your share is significantly increased if you create the device, and if Conduct Science lists, markets, and finds customers for you.

Manufacturer has expertise in manufacturing of hardware, digital health, virtual reality, coding and more.


We partner with a network of life science companies to transfer your technology to them. Conductscience acts as a broker.

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