Pipet Tips with Filters, 10UL, Low Retention Tip, Clear, Racked, Sterile

These aerosol tips provide you with complete protection from sample carry-over. Incorporating a robotically inserted 10 μm filter with a sponge-like porous pathway. The tips have such a small pore they even block fluids in the unlikely event that you should over pipet. Proven in independent studies to block aerosol contamination but unlike some leading brands of self-sealing aerosol resistant pipet tips they have no cellulose gum, toluene solvent, or colored dyes in the filter to mix with and contaminate your sample. Also, unlike self-sealing aerosol tips, our tips can be autoclaved in a steam autoclave. And they will not wick fluids like cellulose-filled aerosol resistant tips so you don’t have to worry about how you hold your pipettor.



Protease free
Allow complete sample recovery without cutting into the tip
Prevents pipettor contamination from aerosols or fluid spray
All tips are DNA/DNase/RNase free, Non-Pyrogenic, Certified Low Trace Metals, Medical Grade Resin, and Packaging, CFR 21 ESFDA Compliant
Polypropylene USP Class VI resin
Made in USA
Up to 10 times less fluid retention than standard tips
Length: 31.4mm

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