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Packaging: 96/rack, 8 racks/pack


Improve the ergonomics of your lab with our pipette tips. These tips feature positive stop technology ensuring every tip you attach ejects with minimal force. Everyone in your lab will benefit from the low ejection force without having to change their technique or pipetting style. xTIP4 tips are made for a perfect fit on the Biotix xPIPETTE, they are also fully compatible with Rainin’s LTS pipettes.
– Non-filtered, low-retention, pre-sterilized, Tip Eject Reload
– Clear casing and colored racks make tip volume identification easy
– Racks click into place
– Easily operated with one hand without contact with tips or rack
– 100% recyclable packaging
– Empty racks can be autoclaved for multiple uses
– All Tip Eject Reloads come pre-sterilized and ready to use
– X-Resin® is a low retention surface that maximizes sample recovery
– The low retention surface improves accuracy across your experiments
– Blade® minimizes surface tension and eliminates hanging droplet formation
– Blade® Saves time by reducing the need for tip touch off and increases accuracy and precision
– FlexFit® provides flexibility on the proximal end of tips, dramatically minimizing the necessary insertion to make a secure seal
– StarStop® is a positive technology that reduces ejection force on LTS pipettes
– Compatible with the Lite Touch™ from Rainin® (Lite TouchTM and Rainin® are registered trademarks of Mettler-Toledo Intl.)

Working Volume: 100-1000µL

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