30L Vertical Autoclave

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The 30 L Vertical Autoclave, is an advanced and reliable sterilization solution designed to meet the needs of laboratories and institutions. The Autoclave has a chamber capacity of 30 liters and can handle a wide range of items, from small laboratory equipment to large instruments.

Equipped with a microprocessor-based control system, the 30 L Vertical Autoclave offers precise temperature and pressure control, ensuring consistent and efficient sterilization results every time. The digital display panel makes it easy to monitor and adjust the operating parameters, and the built-in safety features, such as over-temperature and over-pressure protection, guarantee safe and reliable operation.

ConductScience offers the 30L Vertical Autoclave


The Autoclave is equipped with various safety features to ensure a secure and reliable operation. The safety valve automatically opens to release pressure in case of overpressure, and the system stops heating and sounds an alarm in case of over-temperature. The anti-dry function prevents the heating system from running if the water level is low, and an error code is displayed on the screen. The apparatus-air switch provides protection against overcurrent, over-voltage, or electric leakage.

With a flip-open door structure and spring booster, the autoclave is easy to open. The LED display shows the inner temperature, time, and error codes, and the automatic exhausting steam function allows easy sterilization. The autoclave also has a reliable mechanical safety interlock feature and is made of cold-rolled steel with an anti-bacterial powder coating on the external surface.

The 30 L Vertical Autoclave comes with fixed sterilization programs for dressings, unwrapped and wrapped equipment, rubber, and liquid items. The door cover is wrapped completely, effectively preventing scalding. The radial self-expanding silicone rubber seals have high efficiency and long life, ensuring a tight seal and preventing steam leaks. The autoclave also has an optional printer to record sterilization data and an optional stainless steel bucket.

Overall, the 30 L Vertical Autoclave is a versatile and reliable sterilization solution that meets the needs of various institutes, ensuring the safety and quality of their work. The autoclave offers a complete protection system, ensuring a secure operation and precise sterilization results.


Technical Features:

 * Complete protection system.

 * Flip-open door structure with spring booster, easy to open.

 * LED displays inner temperature, time and error codes.

 * Automatic exhausting steam function.

 * Reliable mechanical safety interlock feature.

 * External material: Cold rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating.

 * Fixed sterilization programs for dressings, unwrapped and wrapped equipment, rubber, and liquid.

 * Door cover is wrapped completely, to prevent scald effectively.

 * Radial self-expanding silicone rubber seals with high effect and long using life.

 * Optional printer for recording sterilization data.

 * Optional stainless steel bucket.

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110V, 220V



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