Anesthesia Machine Pole Mount


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Our RWD-R640 Anesthesia Machine Pole Mount is a veterinary anesthesia system specially designed for small animals. It is a brand new product developed by RWD Life Science based on the requirements of veterinarians. This anesthesia system is made of vaporizer, oxygen flowmeter and breathing circuit etc., is suitable for the anesthetic application of small dogs, cats, rabbits, rhesus monkeys and so on.

  •  Large oxygen flow rate;
  • The double choice for portable and suspended style;
  • Upgrading available;
  • Compact structure;
  • Easy operation;


  • 0.1-10 L/min range oxygen flowmeter with large scale rotary floater for easy reading;
  •  Oxygen flush button with protective ring, preventing accidental activation;
  •  Both cagemount and selectatec compatible for vaporizer installation;
  •  Stable use in a 10-35︒C environment;
  •  Gas filter canister of activated carbon to prevent anesthesia gas pollution;
  •  Optional Automatic Weighing Meter for Canister(cat.R548) to weigh the canister in real time
  •  Upgrading to a circulation anesthesia system available;
  •  Pre-tapped holes for easy installation of E type oxygen cylinder;
  •  Universal wheels with lock for flexible movement;
  •  Humanization design such as circuit blocker, holder for transporting, monitor tray, etc;
  •  Compact and easy to clean;
  •  Saving much space with suspended type anesthesia machine;
  • The built-in temperature compensator ensures the stable concentration of anesthetic gas at different temperatures and flow rates, the flow range is 0.2-10L/min;
  • Mixed anesthetic gas output pressure range △ P ≤ 2.5kPa;
  • Good tightness, internal 50kPa pressure can be maintained, zero leakage, safe and reliable;
  • Internal capacity is not less than 120ml, and the range of isoflurane vaporizer concentration is 0-5% (Sevoflurane: 0-8%);
  • Anti-accident open lock structure and closed state security protection structure to ensure safety


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