Anesthesia Operation Platform Kit (Manifold for Single Cone Mask)


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  • Special designed with inlet tubing inside make the animal anesthesia exhaust gas can be absorbed by gas fillter canister;
  • Allows access to eyes, ears and top of head;
  • The cone masks can be installed onto 68630 operation bed for single cone mask (300*210*75mm) or our manifold for five cone masks
SKU Product Description OD (size) ID(size) D(size)
RWD-68680 Cone Mask with Tubing for Neonatal Mouse (<15g) 13mm 5mm 24mm
RWD-68681 Cone Mask with Tubing for Mouse  or Neonatal  Rat (15-40g) 20mm 10mm 28.5mm
RWD-68682 Cone Mask with Tubing for Rat (200-350g) 25mm 15mm 38mm
RWD-R-CT-6/15 Concentric Tubing, 6mm Inlet/15mm Outlet, 45cm
RWD-68656 Manifold for Single Cone Mask
RWD-68630 Anesthesia Operation Platform
RWD-68683 Cone Mask for Neonatal Mouse (<15g) 13mm 5mm 24mm
RWD-68684 Cone Mask for  Mouse  or Neonatal  Rat (15-40g) 20mm 10mm 28.5mm
RWD-68685 Cone Mask for  Rat (200-350g) 25mm 15mm 38mm

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Mouse, Rat