Basic Surgical Instrument Kit for Rodents



Kit Contents


Cat.No.Product DescriptionQty
S11001-08VANNAS Spring Scissors (Triangular)-S/S Str/5*0.1mm/8.5cm1
S12005-10IRIS-Fine Scissors (Round Type)-S/S Str/10.5cm1
F12005-10IRIS Dissecting Forceps-Str, 0.8mm Tips, 10cm1
F12006-10IRIS Dissecting Forceps-Light Cvd, 0.8mm Tips, 10cm1
F11020-11Micro Forceps-Str, 0.05mmx0.01mm Tips, 11cm1
F22002-10HARTMAN Mosquito Forceps-Str, 1.0mm Tips, 10cm1
F22003-10HARTMAN Mosquito Forceps-Cvd, 1.0mm Tips, 10cm1
F31047-12OLSEN-HEGAR Needle Holders with Scissors-Str, 12cm1
S33007-12ZIEGLER Knives-4mm Cutting Edge/1.5mm Width/12cm1
R31005-06SS Micro Clamps-Str/L*W 6*1mm/15mm1
R31006-06SS Micro Clamps-Cvd/L*W 6*1mm/17mm1
SP0000-PInstrument Storage Portfolio, 32*22cm1





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