Castroviejo Scissors



These scissors are of the micro spring variety originally invented by Dr. Castroviejo, an ophthalmologist. They are a must-have for delicate, precise cuts for mouse or rat surgery. They are perfectly designed with high-quality stainless steel for long durability. These microsurgical spring scissors are the perfect option when smoothness, precision, and efficiency are absolutely needed for the accomplishment of an important and delicate task.

Our Castroviejo Scissors are designed for microsurgical and ophthalmology procedures to perform clean and effortless cuts in delicate materials. Castroviejo Scissors are normally used during iridectomy and corneal surgeries.

Their delicate and unique design crafted by our professional manufacturers is made with fine and sharp tips and a double leaf mechanism which allow the cutting of fine tissue and sutures with precision and effectiveness. The design and the material used to manufacture our Castroviejo Scissors can guarantee the cutting of fine and coarse tissue with minimum trauma, reducing the risk of compromising surrounding organs.


  • Effective Cutting Edge
  • Sharp Fine Tips
  • Premium Stainless Steel
  • High Precision
  • Angled, Straight and Curved Blades




  1. Castroviejo, B Y Ramon. 1952. “IMPROVED SCISSORS FOR ENLARGEMENT OF CATARACT INCISION.” Trans Am Ophthalmol Soc. 51: 411–12
Blade Width(mm)

0.15, 0.3


Angled, Curved, Straight

Total Length (cm)

9, 9.5


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