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Developmental Editing Service


We deliver your document in three different formats:

  • with initial tracked changes and comments;
  • with final tracked changes; and
  • clean version.

For Developmental Editing, please ask for a quote.



  1. (> 10000 words you receive a 15% discount)
  2. Corrections for general grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, and occasional sentence structure.
  3. Neuroscience-based content written in a format that is accessible to general audiences.
  4. Moderate editing plus paragraph restructuring and re-organization of logical flow.
  5. Highly technical and thorough scientific write-ups based on literature and research
  6. Figure preparation
  7. Reference editing
  8. Cover letter & abstract writing
  9. Word count reduction
  10. Section rearranging
  11. Personalized guidance and revisions

Light Editing, Moderate Editing, Developmental Editing

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