Digital Soxhlet Extractor – Precise Fat Content Testing Apparatus

The Digital Soxhlet Extractor allows for the efficient extraction of organic compounds from solid samples. The device comes equipped with a precise digital temperature controller, which enables users to monitor and control the extraction process with ease. The instrument is designed with a variety of adjustable settings, including extraction time, power, and temperature, making it an ideal tool for a range of applications in the chemistry, biochemistry, and environmental testing fields.

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The Digital Soxhlet Extractor is a precise fat content testing apparatus designed to facilitate the extraction of fat or oil from solid or semi-solid samples. This innovative extraction system offers a reliable and efficient method for determining the fat content in various substances. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it provides researchers and laboratory professionals with a valuable tool for accurate fat analysis.

Apparatus and Equipment

The Digital Soxhlet Extractor is comprised of high-quality components that ensure reliable performance and durability. It includes a heating unit with multiple hot plate-type heaters, a condenser assembly, and a collection flask. The apparatus is equipped with digital controls and displays, allowing for precise temperature and time settings. The Soxhlet extraction method involves the repeated cycle of solvent extraction and reflux, facilitated by the efficient design of the apparatus.


  • Heating Unit: The apparatus features a heating unit with multiple hot plate-type heaters, providing uniform and controlled heating.
  • Condenser Assembly: The condenser assembly efficiently cools and condenses the solvent vapors, preventing their escape into the laboratory environment.
  • Collection Flask: A collection flask is provided to collect the extracted fat or oil for further analysis.
  • Digital Controls: The digital controls enable precise temperature and time settings, ensuring accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Safety Features: The apparatus incorporates safety features such as overheating protection and a built-in safety circuit.


  1. Prepare the sample: Grind or finely chop the sample to increase the surface area for extraction.
  2. Weigh the sample: Accurately weigh the sample and place it in a filter paper.
  3. Assembly: Set up the Soxhlet extraction apparatus by connecting the condenser, collection flask, and sample holder.
  4. Solvent selection: Choose an appropriate solvent for the extraction process, considering the solubility of fat or oil in the selected solvent.
  5. Start the extraction: Fill the extraction flask with the selected solvent, set the desired extraction temperature and time on the digital control panel, and initiate the extraction process.
  6. Reflux and extraction: The solvent vapor rises, condenses in the condenser, and drips back onto the sample, facilitating the extraction of fat or oil.
  7. Collection: The extracted fat or oil accumulates in the collection flask.
  8. Analysis: Once the extraction is complete, the collected fat or oil can be further analyzed using suitable analytical techniques.

Strengths and Limitations


    • Precise and accurate fat content determination.
    • Efficient extraction process with uniform heating.
    • Digital controls for easy operation and precise temperature and time settings.
    • Safety features ensure safe and reliable operation.


    • Requires some expertise and familiarity with Soxhlet extraction techniques.
    • Extraction time can be relatively long compared to other methods.


The Digital Soxhlet Extractor is a valuable apparatus for precise fat content testing in various substances. Its advanced features, including digital controls, efficient heating, and safety mechanisms, make it a reliable tool for laboratories and research facilities. By following the recommended protocol, researchers can obtain accurate fat content data for their samples, aiding in quality control, research, and development processes.


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Digital Soxhlet Extractor – Precise Fat Content Testing Apparatus
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