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The Drosophila CO2 Blowgun (FlyShot) offers variable flow control, with a compact, modern and simple design that makes it the perfect complement for Drosophila Anesthesia Solutions. Lightweight, ergonomic, and initiative to use, the output is a stainless steel needle allowing easy anesthetizing of flies. The needle tip of the apparatus enables controlled CO2 dispersal into pugged or capped vials. This apparatus, when connected to the Flowmate reduces the amount of CO2 necessary compared to continuous flow systems and prevents over-anesthetized specimens. 

ConductScience offers the Drosophila CO2 Blowgun.


FlyShot – Drosophila CO2 Blowgun is designed to anesthetize fly colonies.

Includes 5’ tubing and connector to FlowMate.

– Dimensions: 0.050 x 1.2”

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