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Elevated Plus Maze



The elevated plus maze test is one of the most widely used tests for measuring anxiety-like behavior. The test is based on the natural aversion of mice for open and elevated areas, as well as on their natural spontaneous exploratory behavior in novel environments. This test has a strong validity profile for anxiolytic drug validation and screening. All open arms include 1cm high end plates to ensure the mice do not fall off the maze during exploration.


  • The Elevated Plus Maze is a widely used anxiety-related behavioral assay.
  • The maze has four alternating enclosed and open arms radiating from the small central platform, spaced at 90 degrees from one another.
  • The animal’s preference for enclosed or open spaces is recorded in an Elevated Plus Maze task.
  • Subjects treated with anxiolytic drugs tend to show lessened anxiety-like behavior by visiting the open arms more.
  • Subjects treated with anxiogenic drugs show heightened anxiety-like behavior and prefer the enclosed areas of the maze.
  • By enclosing the adjacent arms and introducing aversive stimuli in the enclosed arms, the apparatus can be easily adapted for a discriminative avoidance task.
  • Specific strains of rodents may perform differently in the maze.


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