Elevated Plus Maze

Specifications Mouse Rat +$100 with Doors +$100 with Doors Acrylic Acrylic No Odor No Odor Matte finish for non reflective surfaces Matte finish for non reflective […]



+$100 with Doors +$100 with Doors
No OdorNo Odor
Matte finish for non reflective surfacesMatte finish for non reflective surfaces
Easy clean with 70% EthanolEasy clean with 70% Ethanol


  • The Elevated Plus Maze is a widely used anxiety-related behavioral assay.
  • The maze has four alternating enclosed and open arms radiating from the small central platform, spaced at 90 degrees from one another.
  • The animal’s preference for enclosed or open spaces is recorded in an Elevated Plus Maze task.
  • Subjects treated with anxiolytic drugs tend to show lessened anxiety-like behavior by visiting the open arms more.
  • Subjects treated with anxiogenic drugs show heightened anxiety-like behavior and prefer the enclosed areas of the maze.
  • By enclosing the adjacent arms and introducing aversive stimuli in the enclosed arms, the apparatus can be easily adapted for a discriminative avoidance task.
  • Specific strains of rodents may perform differently in the maze.


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