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Flowmeter Expansion Kit


Oxygen Flowmeter is used to accurately control the gas flow rate. The flowmeter mounting plate and fixing screws can be added to the RWD large and small animal anesthesia machine fixed bracket to control the air source input flow rate of the RWD anesthesia machine.

And with the international standard ISO connector, the lower end is connected with an 8mm PVC pipe or silicone tube for gas source input, and the upper end is connected to the evaporator through a short section of 6mm silicone tube.

In addition, the oxygen flow meter and the laughing gas flow meter can also be used in parallel. After the oxygen and the laughing gas are mixed, they are mixed with isoflurane or sevoflurane through the evaporator to output mixed anesthetic gas to achieve better anesthesia and analgesia.

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Nitrous Gas, Oxygen

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