Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

A hotplate magnetic stirrer is part of the laboratory equipment used to heat and stir liquids or solutions. It consists of a heating element, a magnetic stirrer, and a temperature control system. The heating element is used to heat the liquid or solution to the desired temperature. In contrast, the magnetic stirrer uses a rotating magnet to stir the liquid or solution to ensure it is well mixed. The temperature control system allows you to set and maintain a desired temperature for the liquid or solution. Hotplate magnetic stirrers are commonly used in chemistry, biology, and other scientific fields to heat and stir solutions or reaction mixtures. They are an essential tool for accurately controlling temperature and mixing during experiments and can be used in a variety of applications, including cell culture, protein synthesis, and chemical reactions.

ConductScience offers Hotplate Stirrers.


The Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer features an exceptionally durable, chemical resistant white ceramic work surface. The space-efficient design makes it ideal for use on crowded benchtops and inside of bio-hoods.

Advanced microprocessor controls with convenient turn knobs allow quick, precise adjustment and maintenance of speed and temperature. Safety indicator LED’s on the front panel indicate when the heating and/or stirring functions have been activated. Compatible with a wide variety of popular sizes of borosilicate glass beakers, flasks, bottles, and other vessels.

Includes support rod for mounting thermometers and temperature probes.



– Speed: 60 – 1,500 rpm

– Platform Dimensions: 7.1” x 7.1” (18 x 18 cm) *ceramic

– Operational Temperature range: Ambient 80ᵒC – 380ᵒC

– Dimensions: 8” x 9” x 4.5”

– Electrical: 120V – 230V, 50-60Hz

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