Incu-Shaker Mini CO2



This popular, yet unique Incu-Shaker CO2 Mini combines the benefits of a precision CO2 incubation chamber with an integral orbital shaker, ideal for laboratories working with suspension cell culture. Its advanced built-in digital microprocessor controls the temperature and CO2 percentage based on your programed settings. Should those levels deviate, an alarm will alert you. In addition to the microprocessor, this system includes a dual-beam InfraRed CO2 sensor providing an accurate measurement and control over the CO2 density (percentage). A six-sided heated system minimizes air flow and reduces the concern for contamination. Additionally, a low speed internal fan creates a uniform airflow within the chamber; however, if you have concerns about sample contamination, it can be turned off. Another design feature is the heated and sealed glass door which prevents condensation and allows you to view samples without fully exposing the chamber, altering temperature and CO2% stability.

Its small footprint saves you bench space without comprising the versatility of operational use. The stainless steel internal chamber offers a stackable design with an adjustable pull out shelf, and a variety of platforms to suit your needs. A unique magnetic platform and variety of clamp systems are also available, but sold separately. The preferred universal magnetic platform offers users a quick and convenient method to change flask clamps of different sizes without using tools (ES59567).

When you purchase the Incu-Shaker CO2 Mini a standard platform featuring a non-slip, rubber coated surface is included and ideal for culture flasks, Petri dishes, and staining trays.

Available Magnetic Erlenmeyer Flask Clamps:

50mL – ES59569-50ER (max. 20)

125mL – ES59569-125ER (max. 12)

250mL – ES59569-250ER (max. 8)

500mL – ES59569-500ER (max. 5)

1L – ES59569-1000ER (max. 4)

COMBO 125, 250, and 500mL ??? ES59567-C (adjustable)




– Shaking Speed Range: 30 ??? 300 rpm (increments of 1 rpm)

– Shaking Orbit: 19mm (3/4???)

– Platform Dimensions: 9.5??? x 11.5??? (23.5 x 29.2 cm)

– Chamber Dimensions: 13.2??? x 10.25??? x 15.4??? (22.5 x 26 x 39.2 cm)

– Operating Temperature range: Ambient +5 to 60???C (increments of 0.1???C)

– Temperature Uniformity: ?? 0.5%

– Temperature Accuracy: ?? 0.5%

– CO2 Range: 0 ??? 20% (increment of 0.1%)

– CO2 Accuracy: ?? 0.1%

– Dimensions: 16.5??? x 18.3??? x 21.8??? (42 x 46.5 x 55.3 cm)

– Weight: 90lbs. (40.1kg)

– Electrical: 120 or 230V, 50-60Hz, 350W



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