Intelligent BOD Meter

Used to measure biochemical oxygen demand to determine the amount of dissolved oxygen within a sample, the Intelligent BOD meter got its name from its ease of use. Using a Mercury-free testing method, this tool has an automatic reading capacity with data uploaded wirelessly for data input and printing (upgrade model only). The Intelligent BOD meter is a great apparatus for those within the water quality testing industry. The standard set with apparatus and testing reagents has the ability to conduct 60 data points while the upgrade set has the capacity to test up to 960 data points.

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DescriptionStandard setUpgrade set
Measuring range0-4000mg/L0-4000mg/L
Sample capacity1-6pc1-6pcs
Testing result storage10 years’ data10 years’ data
Number of sets1 sets3 sets
Maximum test period available7 days30 days
Sampling points60pcs30-960pcs
Direct reading of concentrationYesYes
Smart mixingYesYes
Dilution concentrationNoYes
Display data curveNoYes
Upload data wirelesslyNoYes
Unlimited data printingNoYes
Test methodMercury-free differential pressure sensing methodMercury-free differential pressure sensing method
Test temperature20±1℃20±1℃
Power supplyAC200V±10%/50-60HZAC200V±10%/50-60HZ
Rated power10W10W
Apparatus weight2.4kg2.4kg

An intelligent BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) meter is a device used to measure the amount of oxygen that is consumed by microorganisms in the biological treatment of wastewater. The BOD test is a measure of the amount of organic matter present in the wastewater and is an important parameter for determining the effectiveness of the treatment process.

Intelligent BOD meters typically use advanced sensors and electronics to accurately measure the oxygen consumption of microorganisms in the wastewater. These meters often have built-in intelligence and data processing capabilities, allowing them to automatically adjust for temperature and other variables and to provide real-time data analysis and reporting. Some intelligent BOD meters may also have features such as remote monitoring and control, alarms, and data storage capabilities.

Intelligent BOD meters are commonly used in wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, and other industrial and municipal environments to monitor and optimize the biological treatment process. They can help ensure that the wastewater is properly treated and that the treatment process is running efficiently and effectively.




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Environmental Studies, Water Analysis Systems

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