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Intelligent BOD Meter



Used to measure biochemical oxygen demand to determine the amount of dissolved oxygen within a sample, the Intelligent BOD meter got its name from its ease of use. Using a Mercury-free testing method, this tool has an automatic reading capacity with data uploaded wirelessly for data input and printing (upgrade model only). The Intelligent BOD meter is a great apparatus for those within the water quality testing industry. The standard set with apparatus and testing reagents has the ability to conduct 60 data points while the upgrade set has the capacity to test up to 960 data points.

ConductScience offer the Intelligent BOD Meter

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Standard set
Upgrade set
Measuring range 0-4000mg/L 0-4000mg/L
Resolution 0.01mg/L 0.01mg/L
Accuracy ±8% ±8%
Sample capacity 1-6pc 1-6pcs
Testing result storage 10 years’ data 10 years’ data
Number of sets 1 sets 3 sets
Maximum test period available 7 days 30 days
Sampling points 60pcs 30-960pcs
Direct reading of concentration
Smart mixing
Dilution concentration ×
Display data curve ×
Upload data wirelessly ×
Unlimited data printing ×
Test method Mercury-free differential pressure sensing method
Test temperature  20±1℃
Power supply AC200V±10%/50-60HZ
Rated power 10W
Size 272*185*75mm
Apparatus weight 2.4kg

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