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Metabolic Cage for Large Rodents


Metabolic cages for large rodents are equipped with a system for separation of feces and urine. Each system is divided into 3 parts cage body. separation hopper and feed-water supplying unit. Separation hopper is fitted with S.S mesh for separation of urine and feces. Feces are collected above the mesh while urine goes down through the tube. Design and finish are such that the animal has a maximun comfort. Maintenance is efficient and fast. Every unit comes with cage floor, food hoop, water bottle, urine collection system.


Made from complete AISI S.S 304 quality material
Overall Dimensions along with stand: 535x390x825mm (LXWXH)
Dimensions of cage body with funnel: 480x390x610mm
Cage Stand is made from 20x20x15mm S.S 304 pipe
Cage body and a funnel is made from S.S. 304 sheet of 0.8mm thickness
Top grill is made from 2.5mm and 5mm S.S 304 bar has a gap of 25x60mm
Door has dimensions of 330 x280mm and is made from 2.5mm and State S.S 304 bar has gap of 25x45mm
Floor grill is made from 2.5mm and Stoat S.S 304 bar has a gap of 11x80mm


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