MicroQuant Cuvette

The MicroQuant Cuvette is a high-quality and durable solution for measuring small sample volumes with exceptional precision and accuracy. With its user-friendly design and compatibility with a wide range of spectrophotometers, it is the ideal choice for laboratories seeking reliable and efficient measurements. Its robust construction and reusability also make it a cost-effective and eco-friendly option compared to disposable alternatives.

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Measurement range:0.5 - 5 µL
Path length: 1 mm
Spectral range:220 - 800 nm
Compatibility: Compatible with most UV-Vis spectrophotometers
Accuracy: ±1% at 260 nm
Precision: CV < 0.5% at 260 nm
Sample volume required: 0.5 - 5 µL
Materials: Made of high-quality, UV-transparent plastic
Cleaning: Can be cleaned with standard laboratory cleaning solutions, including 70% ethanol and 1 M NaOH
Reusability: Can be reused up to 50 times, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option
Dimensions: 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm x 45 mm
Weight: 4 g
Operating temperature:10 - 40°C
Storage temperature: 4 - 25°C
Shelf life: 2 years

Product Description

The MicroQuant Cuvette is a high-quality, UV-transparent plastic cuvette designed for the accurate and precise measurement of small sample volumes. With a measurement range of 0.5 – 5 µL and a path length of 1 mm, this cuvette is ideal for use in spectrophotometry applications, particularly in the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry. The cuvette is compatible with most UV-Vis spectrophotometers and offers an accuracy of ±1% at 260 nm.

Product Application

The MicroQuant Cuvette is a versatile tool for a wide range of applications in research, clinical diagnostics, and biotechnology. It can be used for the quantification of nucleic acids, proteins, and enzymes, as well as for the measurement of the concentration of analytes in drug discovery and environmental monitoring. The cuvette is also suitable for microbial growth assays, bacterial quantification, and cell viability assays.


  1. Load the sample into the cuvette using a pipette. Ensure that the sample volume falls within the measurement range of 0.5 – 5 µL.
  2. Insert the cuvette into the spectrophotometer and record the absorbance at the desired wavelength.
  3. Clean the cuvette with a suitable laboratory cleaning solution before reuse.


Strengths and Limitations

One of the major strengths of the MicroQuant Cuvette is its high precision and accuracy, allowing for the measurement of small sample volumes with a high degree of confidence. The cuvette is also reusable, reducing the cost of experimentation and promoting sustainability. However, one limitation is that the cuvette can only accommodate a small sample volume, which may not be suitable for some applications that require larger sample volumes.


The MicroQuant Cuvette is a reliable and efficient tool for the measurement of small sample volumes in spectrophotometry applications. With high precision and accuracy, the cuvette is widely used in molecular biology, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry research. Its reusable nature makes it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.


  1. Turcotte, R., & Rainville, S. (2012). Determination of DNA concentration and purity using the Quantitate Micro-Volume Cuvette. Bio-Rad Bulletin, 6408.

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Product Application

Cell culture studies, Drug discovery, Environmental Studies, Nucleic Acid quantification, Protein analysis, Protein Quantification

Field of study

Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Microbiology, Molecular Biology

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MicroQuant Cuvette
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