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Open Field test is a popular protocol used to assess exploratory behavior and anxiety. Thigmotaxis in the open field is used to evaluate anxiolytic, anxiogenic and even non-pharmacological treatments. Ambulation is the most common behavior studied with this maze, but others such as latency or rearing can also be measured. In addition, objects can be added for a modification similar to the novel object recognition field.

  • Walls can be both opaque or clear. We recommend that clear walls are used for measurements of anxiety, while opaque walls are used if assessments include novel object recognition.
  • Walls are easily detachable for easy cleaning.
  • Grid floor inserts available for video tracking.

The simplicity of the Open Field apparatus makes it a highly modifiable apparatus. Simple modifications include using opaque walls, different lights, different floor inserts (shock floor inserts), and varying the size of the arena. Each modification can be tailored to the needs of the research with the Open Field apparatus.

The Ziggurat task apparatus is a modification of the Open Field that uses ziggurats to create a complex environment for the subject to explore. The task involves the assessment of the subject’s spatial memory and navigation (Faraji et al., 2008). The Novel Object Recognition task is another battery that uses apparatus similar to the Open Field task. This task is commonly used in the assessment of memory and response to novel objects (Bevins & Besheer 2006Leger et al., 2013).

The Social Defeat application of the apparatus is used to the underlying mechanisms of affective-like disorders (Jöhren et al., 1994). This apparatus has also been applied for the development and understanding of new drugs and treatments (Berton and Nestler 2006Berton et al., 2006).

Modification of the protocol can also be of interest in research. Repeated exposure to the Open-Field apparatus can be used to evaluate habituation behaviors of the animals.

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